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Our Company
1976 Model 172N  -- Sold
Spec Sheet as of August 2018

History Brought into service 7/16/1976 as N73703. Some FAA records call it a 1978 model, but I have all original logs including when it left the factory.

Serial #17267616. Possibly used as a trainer until about 1989 as the logbooks show 100-hour inspections in the CA area by C & K Aviation of SMO. If it was a trainer, it was not very active, accumulating only 2700 hours in 12 years. Maintenance moved to Moline, IL on 5/31/1989. Probably sold and moved. 

Purchased August, 1997. Previous owner's rep flew it to my hangar at Cuygahoga County Airport (CGF), ten miles east of downtown Cleveland, OH.

The N number was changed to N9MY while the airplane was repainted in February, 1998. It is owned by Nighthawk Signs, my company. 

No Damage history.

TT           5050.0
Eng         2050.0

Maintenance Hangered since my ownership in 1997 with complete inspection annually. Flown regularly as an aerial photo and a night aerial advertising platform.
Aerial photography business still open, also for sale
Night advertising sign business, closed 2000

Except for about 50 hours, all flying has been done by me (18,000 hour commercial pilot), I am the former Chief Pilot and Aviation Department Manager of a Fortune 500 company in Cleveland, the maintenance was overseen by professional A/I and A&P mechanics.

Since 2004, annuals and all other maintenance responsibilities were exclusively handled by A/I and A&P mechanic Chris Hopkins of Portage Aviation in Ravenna, OH. All original maintenance records, in the form of logbooks, are available.

Engine January, 1998 the engine was replaced with a Lycoming O-360-A4M 180 HP under an STC by Penn Yan Aero Service.

Oil changed every 45 hours, including filter. Exxon Elite with CamGuard.  Analyzed by ALS Tribology each oil change. All reports available.

GEM engine records monitored. Currently being monitored by Savvy Aviator. Access to that info analysis available.

Hangared Although an unheated hangar, using a combination of full cowl, prop and spinner Kennon thermo covers, a Tanis oil pan heater thermostatically controlled the spinner to the firewall think it never gets below 60 degrees F.

--Mark Sanderson
Annual Inspection due Dec. 31, 2018
No Damage history
Oil and filter changed every 45 hours and analyzed
Engine monitored Savvy Aviator
Operating Stats
Always run at 70% power burning 8.5 GPH.
Using 1 qt every 15 hours.

180 HP Pen-Yan conversion (increased Max gross wt to 2,550 from 2,400)
Power Flow exhaust $4,500
Sky-Tec starter (plus a spare) $800
M-20 Air oil separator. $360
Fine wire spark plugs
Zeftronics Voltage regulator $200
Vacuum pump – New model Tempest 215CC $350
Concord RG-35XC bigger battery

Horton STOL $2,000
Horton flap and aileron gap seals $1,000
Madras Droop Wing tips.
Cleveland Wheels and brakes $2,000
Lord Shimmy Damp $1,000
McFarlane anti-syphon fuel system vent. $100
Door Stewards $350
Grimes strobes
Grimes beacon strobe
LED landing lights $550
External electric power jack/plug $400

BAS seatbelts $1,500
Rosen sun shields $370
Cessna Ventubes $100
Honeywell AOA $1,600
Sheep Skin Seat Covers $500

Insight Fuel Flow $450
Insight GEM 602 engine monitor $1,400
Voltage gauge $300
Digital Tach – Horizon Instruments P-1000 $600
Vertical Compass – Precision Instrument Co. $330
iPad mini $350
Stratus 1S ADS-B w/attitude $800
Bose A20 headsets (2) $2,000
Bose X headsets (2) $1,000
Garmin 396 w/ Sirius XM WX
Garmin 155 non-WAAS IFR GPS
Garmin 330 xponder non ES $2,000
Signature 4 place intercom $200
SkyGuard ADS-B non TSO. Allows full access to the ADS-B system. Legal until 12/31/2019
Handheld radio. $200
Personal Locator Beacon. $200
Hangar Equipment:
EZ Power Tug w/ tire chains $1,900
Champion sparkplug cleaner and tester
Compression tester
Medical portable O2 converted to aviation
Many consumables

Cessna 172 N 9 M Y hangared
Cessna 172 N 9 M Y Cleveland Ohio
Cessna 172 N 9 M Y Cuygahoga County Airport landing
Cessna 172 N 9 M Y hangared at CGF since 1998
Loved and well-cared for over our two decades of ownership. 

We've enjoyed every adventure in this winged chariot, and made it 'our' airplane. We know its new owner will now make it 'their own' and enjoy many happy flight hours, too.

--Mark and Yvonne Sanderson

"A mile of road will take you nowhere. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
Cessna 172 N 9 M Y with heater and covers
Cessna 172 N 9 M Y Cleveland Ohio
Cessna 172 N 9 M Y Northeast Ohio
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