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Cleveland and Travel

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Please enjoy this valentine to the city of Cleveland and state of Ohio we love. Thank You.

Screen Calendar African Elephant image May 2018 Mashatu in Botswana

This personal work has been, and continues to be, created as we travel the airways flying and photographing. Like all photography, timing is everything. Light and shadow. 

We are fortunate that our aerial photo work has us airborne in every season and all hours of the day and sometimes evening.
Which means we sometimes find, or put, ourselves in the right place at the right time to capture these one of a kind moments of our home city on Lake Erie.

It's our privilege and our pleasure to be able to share them with you.

"Baby Elephant Walk"
Mashatu Nature Reserve, Botswana, Africa 

08 May 2018  © Yvonne R. Sanderson

"We photograph with our hearts and minds, not our cameras."
-- Arnold Newman, photographer, lecture Cleveland Ohio 1990

Cleveland skyline aerial
Cleveland calendar aerial by Focal Plane in April 2014
Calendar Cleveland skyline for computer desktop
Calendar Cleveland skyline for computer screen desktop

"Glimmer of Spring"

"Spring 2014"

"Piercing the sky"

"Layers of a green city on a blue lake"

Calendar Cleveland skyline for computer screen desktop
Cleveland skyline calendar August 2014
Cleveland Ohio and Lake Erie aerial photo monthly calendar
Aerial Cleveland image holiday lights on Public Square

"From 8000' feet"

"City on the Waterfronts"

"Cloud shadow islands, Lake Erie"

"Public Square light"

Cleveland Ohio skyline aerial photo by Focal Plane
Calendar May 2015 aurora borealis
Humpback Whale Tail at 65 degrees north Greenland Sea
Cleveland Ohio aerial photo by Focal Plane Photography of Public Square 2015
"Sunset on a still frozen Lake Erie"
"The Aurora Borealis - Akureyi, Iceland"
"Whale's Tail - Husevik, Iceland"
"Re-Do" Public Square 2015
Skyline aerial photo in distance by Focal Plane Photography
Cleveland Ohio aerial photo
Calendar Cleveland November 2015 screen background
Aerial photo country side Northeast Ohio in the Fall
"High Humidity"
"Classic Cleveland"
"Last shadows of Summer"
"Autumn Farm in the Forest City" (1892) 
Aerial photo Public Square renovation Nov 2015 aerial photo
Aerial photo Cleveland Ohio skyline winter
Cleveland Ohio skyline frozen Lake Erie
"Company's coming Pubic Square renovation"
"Cuyahoga River Shipping"
"Tremont Neighborhood topped by the Skyline"
Cleveland baseball field shadows lights
Cleveland Ohio and Lake Erie
Aerial photo Public Square in Cleveland Ohio taken May 2016
Cleveland calendar July 2016 by Focal Plane Photography
"Looking... Forward to Opening Day"
"Bright, Sunshiny Day"
"Public Square prepares for its close up"
"Home of the Cleveland Cavaliers!"
Misty Blues over Crater Lake
Cleveland Calendar September 2016 Focal Plane Aerial Photo
Golf Course head set October 2016 calendar
Western Reserve farm country
"Misty Blues" Crater Lake national park Oregon
"August Sunset"
"Autumn Head Set"  Contest winner: "The Scream" Bryan Hegyes
"Cotton Candy Clouds" Contest winner: "The Wind Playing a Harp" Gavin Sanderson
Flock of Seaguls over Lake Erie Cleveland aerial photo
Winter Railroad Tracks and Cars Shadows Cleveland Ohio
Lake Erie at Cleveland Ohio frozen in December 2016
"See-Gulls Lake Erie"
Contest winner (a tie):
"Seagull Snowfall" Brooke Sanderson 
"Snowing Seagulls" Barbara Latini

"Railroad Car Tabs"
"Frozen Geometry"
Title Contest Winner:
"Heimal Drift" by Matthew Miller

"Ice-Free in Winter"
Glow of Spring
Butterfly Public Square Cleveland Ohio
Aerial Photo River of Fog
Sparkler firework photograph
"Glow of Spring"
"Earth Day - March for Science"
"River of Fog"
Popcorn clouds over Cleveland
Totality The Eclipse 21 August 2017
Landing runway 24 at Cuyahoga County Airport
Fall color aerial Metropark in South Eucild Ohio
"Popcorn Clouds over Cleveland"
The solar eclipse, Hopkinsville, KY
"New Runway Landing 24"
Cuyahoga County Airport
"Mount Baldy in Autumn"
2016 in South Euclid Ohio
Ice doodles of a frozen lake Northeast Ohio in December 2016
Isolated farm in winter Ohio aerial image
Aerial photo Edgewater Park Cleveland Ohio taken January 2014
Human Nature Abstract aerial image over Northeast Ohio
"Ice Doodles"
A small lake, Northeast Ohio, Dec. 2016

Winter farm in Northeast Ohio

"Winter Morning at Edgewater Beach"
"Human - Nature - Abstract"
Avon Point aerial image spring Northeast Ohio April 2012
Screen Calendar for May 2018 aerial image Northeast Ohio taken May 2007
Screen Calendar for June 2018 Lion image Safari Botswana taken May 2007
"Sunset at Full Moon Rise"
Avon point, Lake Erie, from Cleveland, Ohio
North Coast Harbor, Cleveland, Ohio
"Lion King"
Mashatu Reserve, Botswana, Africa
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