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CLE Skyline

Cleveland and Travel

Share the many moods of our home city on Lake Erie
Enjoy one-of-a-kind views of Cleveland
Valentine to the city we love

A shopping cart and more of our original Cleveland skyline aerials will be available soon. For now please contact us about reproductions, print or digital.

This personal work has been, and continues to be, created as we travel the airways flying and photographing. Like all photography, timing is everything. Light and shadow.

We are fortunate that our aerial photo work has us airborne in every season and all hours of the day and sometimes evening. Which means we sometimes find, or put, ourselves in the right place at the right time to capture these one of a kind moments of our home city on Lake Erie.

It's our privilege and our pleasure to be able to share them with you.

Cleveland Ohio skyline Lake Erie October 2013

"Here come the lake effect clouds" (Oct. 2013)

Cleveland skyline sunset

"Thanks so much for your help. I just downloaded the file and we all agree that it's a great picture!" (use in a Cle company sales materials) -- B.R. graphic designer

"Sunset behind downtown Cleveland" (April 2010)

P.s., the client and customer quotes are for real, we're glad to provide references.

"Practicing photography for more than 40 years, I have become aware of how seldom a photograph, a truly successful photograph, is made. How easy it is to click the shutter, and how nearly impossible to seize something significant through that act."  

-- Abe Frajndlich, photographer, NYT article Jan. 15, 2012

Cleveland skyline moon rise

"Moon rise over Cleveland" (June 2010)

Cleveland skyline June 2009
Cleveland skyline January 2011
Cleveland skyline December 2009

"Ahhhh... Cleveland" (June 2009)

"The icing on Cleveland" (Jan. 2011)

"Lake effect clouds Cleveland" (Dec. 2009)

Yvonne and Mark Sanderson have documented life from the aerial vantage point of their Cessna 172 aircraft over many years and many miles, combining their loves of aviation, photography, and defying gravity. As an aerial photographer who works with her pilot husband, Yvonne creates commissioned work for clients in the marketing, construction, and real estate businesses, as well as for her collection of personal stock library aerial images, in Ohio and across the United States.

Two aerial photographs from their 1990 collection “Black and White Cleveland” are in The Progressive Corporation art collection. Three of Yvonne’s Northeast Ohio black and white aerial images were included in the 1996 Cleveland Bicentennial book “Images from the Heart”.  

These Cleveland Skyline aerial views are a labor of love to capture what is special to them about, and express their affection for, their hometown.

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