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Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate

Communicate density, trade areas, highway access
Expedite sales, orient stakeholders, add impact to promotions
Choose 'vertical' and 'to horizon' views at compass points for tear sheets

Orient your audience, around the corner or around the world, to what is special about a property location.

Aerial views in each of four or eight compass points (N/NE, E/SE, S/SW, W/NW) allows a 360 degree bird's eye view. (Remember, too, that at some point we'll be looking into the sun :)

Though most commercial real estate aerial photos are needed sooner rather than later, when possible the seasons may be something to consider as well.

Summer offers the most greenery, highest sun, though moisture and often haze. Spring and Autumn generally have the clearest air, so less haze, and fewer leaves to obscure features or rooftops. Winter allows unobscured views in wooded areas, and with snow roads and driveways can be clearly seen, though moisture and haze in the air.

Small commercial site vertical

Site for sale - Vertcial 'wing-over' (taken in September)

"You guys ROCK - thanks for the great verticals." -- P.B. commercial real estate client

To horizon aerial
To horizon aerial

Site for sale - Looking North (sun behind us)

Site for sale - Looking East (sun to right)

To horizon aerial
To horizon aerial

Site for sale - Looking South (into the sun)

Site for sale - Looking West (sun to left)

What about remote controlled aerial drones? This new technology is raising interest and questions. To help sort the issue, please visit our Aerial Drone question and answer page for more information.

"I received the disk today. Pictures look absolutely great. Clarity is perfect. Thanks!" C.M., commercial real estate broker

Midtown Cleveland office
Site pre-construction

North facing office building taken on a cloudy day to minimize harsh shadow on front
(and a bit hazy, it was a time crunch).

Commercial development site pre-construction


P.s., the client and customer quotes are for real, we're glad to provide references.

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