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Construction progress aerial photography is scheduled on or near the 15th or 30th of each month, and can be arranged to be done monthly or quarterly.

With each flight, you'll also receive a Free large poster print 30x20" -- great for display in the job site trailer to orient owners, sub-contractors, vendors, and guests.

See proofs quickly in an on-line gallery (we'll send you a hot link, easy way to view the pictures and share them with other decision makers).

If you do wish to choose only a few of them, shop a la carte. Or if you'd like to purchase all the digital files, we'll send them on cd. We also can send digital photo files via email.

If the photo site will be busy for several months with fewer exterior changes thereafter, we can postpone future photo flights until you are ready.

If your job site will be super busy, we can speed up our flights to once per week, then return to monthly or quarterly as needed.

Share the images with your marketing department. Show future clients, in pictures that speak a thousand words, what your company has accomplished.

Convention center excavation

We believe strongly in providing 'good value for dollar'. Plus, we are fully insured and guarantee our work. If you're not pleased with the aerial photography results, we will re-shoot or part friends with no charge. Really.

Added bonus for construction progress aerials, after six aerial photo flights, you're eligible for our Frequent Flyer Reward.

Church addition aerial
Addition aerial
Addition aerial

Addition - July 2013

Addition - October 2013

Addition - December 2013

If your company has more than one job site you would like aerial pictures for, Focal Plane offers savings for 'additional sites same flight' to photograph two or more locations at the same time.

Our construction progress flight schedule is on or about the 15th or 31st of each month (or within four or fives days based on weather, more of an issue in winter as you might imagine).

Frequent question - You'll often hear these views referred to as "oblique" aerials, meaning 'at an angle', (rather than looking straight down, or "vertical') or "bird's eye" views.

This perspective of the actual job site can be invaluable to orient partners and stakeholders, especially when used along with site plans and architectural drawings. Current aerial photographs bring them to life.

"My only regret is that we didn't start these photos earlier." K.S. general contractor

CMA aerial June 2005
CMA aerial November 2006

CMA - June 2005

CMA - November 2006

What about remote controlled aerial drones? This new technology is raising interest and questions. To help sort the issue, please visit our Aerial Drone question and answer page for more information.

"These are fantastic!! Send me all the images on disk. Once again, thanks for the great work!". H.J. project manager

CMA aerial May 2006
CMA aerial August 2006
CMA aerial May 2008

East Wing - May 2006

East Wing - August 2006

East Wing - May 2008

"Perfect! And thanks for coming through yesterday." R.B. construction manager

"Wow. And thank you." S.J. contractor

Even in the pre-planning phase, aerial photography is a powerful visual tool to orient prospective clients to a proposed site and your vision for it or a current client and sub-contractors to a chosen job site pre-construction.

CMA atrium Aug 2009

"You two have been great to work with.

Whenever they (quarterly photos and poster print) showed up at the job site it was like Christmas!

We all couldn't wait to see them.

Thank you for these great pictures of the biggest job many of us will ever be involved in."

-- J.H. Cleveland Museum of Art expansion and renovation project - 2006 to 2013

CMA atrium aerial Aug 2010

"I've enjoyed working with you for the past year.  The pictures and service have been excellent"  -- D.M. construction progress client

MOCA aerial August 2011
MOCA December 2011
MOCA aerial November 2012

MOCA Cleveland - August 2011

MOCA Cleveland - December 2011

MOCA Cleveland - November 2012

A series of aerial photographs are invaluable to track the progress of your construction project and maintain a historic record of the job. We'll provide views to encompass the entire job site, and close ups of specific areas of interest or milestone events.

Our aerial views are used to keep work on schedule, add visual impact to monthly progress reports for owners and lenders, and resolve or avoid disputes with neighbors, suppliers or other supporting partners.

"These pictures are great! We should have been doing them from the start." T.M., Project Manager


P.s., the client and customer quotes are for real, we're glad to provide references.

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