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If you'd like a little help figuring out what you need in the way of aerial photos for your particular project, we hope the questions to the right help you get started.

Call:  216-382-9370
Use handy form

If you have no idea where to begin?! We like to say --

Tell us what you Think you want; we'll get you what we're Confident you need :)

Plus, we are fully insured and our work is guaranteed - if for any reason you aren't pleased with the results, we'll re-shoot or part friends at no charge. Really.

We're here to help you determine the message you wish to convey, and how we'll work together to create the best aerial images to do just that.


 know what we need
 have no idea what to ask
 were told to get prices for 'an aerial photo'
 could use some input about how best to achieve our goals

 Construction progress (i.e. 1st or 15th of each month or quarter)
 Real estate commercial marketing (i.e. compass points and or a 'wing over' vertical)
 Real estate residential sales (i.e. super close up)
 Master plan type vertical (i.e. mapping grid composite mosaic)
 Cleveland skyline (artistic aerials, prints, or digital file for publication)
 Glamour or event photo (up close best possible light conditions or specific day time)

 Call me to talk about options
 Email me a reply
 Email an Estimate based on needs outlined
 Set an appointment to talk in person and see large sample prints

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Thank You!

What about remote controlled aerial drones? This new technology is raising interest and questions. To help sort the issue, please visit our Aerial Drone question and answer page for more information.

P.s., the client and customer quotes are for real, we're glad to provide references.

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