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Large area 'Mapping'


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When a large area (tens or hundreds of acres) needs to be shown in one aerial image, 'Composite', 'Mosaic', or 'Mapping' vertical aerials are the answer (common terms for this type of imagery).

Yvonne's camera is placed pointing straight down in our Cessna 172 aircraft's camera port, see photo below right, and Mark flies a 'grid' pattern, as we monitor the image capture.  

Then, we merge these aerial photos in the computer to create one highly detailed finished vertical aerial image.

This allows viewers to see features in greater detail and encompass vast property areas in one picture. Whether your need is for a web site or a large wall, these views are invaluable.

Aerial photo campus vertical map grid

"I love your aerials, all my power point presentations start with one!" -- C.R., master planning

View from our camera 'port'

Downtown Cleveland Ohio vertical aerial
6" Resolution
Downtown Cleveland Ohio vertical sections

When one detailed vertical is created from many images taken at intervals and at a mid-level altitude and combined via computer, the best of both worlds is achieved, at a cost than a 'mapping' aerial photo company.

Depending upon pixel detail required, Focal Plane offers two 'sizes' - 6" and 12" pixel resolution. See samples at right. For comparison, note there is a baseball diamond in each sample image.

Our maximum altitude without supplemental oxygen is 10,500'. Even if an entire campus or town could be captured from that height, detail would be lacking.

We'd be glad to talk about which level of resolution detail will best meet the needs of your application, please contact us.

12" Resolution
Aerial image vertical flight pattern

A bit of technical detail:

Area at left in yellow was the target. Mark lines our airplane up with a 1 mile lead-in to establish the track. 
It's like 9 back to back hand flown localizer approaches with a miss. Roll has to be less than 5 degrees, so corrections are forced with skids.

Yvonne, with assistance of computer technology, took an image every 4 seconds for a total of 84 that are then merged into one composite. On-camera GPS encodes the image position. Total flight time was 40 minutes, coordinated in advance with Pittsburgh Air Traffic Control.


We can make large prints for display (up to 44x64" in house), get you a digital file to do your own printing or use in printed promotional materials, or use in slideshow presentations.

College and university campuses, museums, and municipalities use them in their master planning process, for security plans, and member, student or resident orientation.

P.s., the client and customer quotes are for real, we're glad to provide references.

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