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Mark50th WestUS Fly About

Cleveland and Travel
In five minutes, enjoy...

One month of air travel in our Cessna 172 (May 29 to June 25, 2016) westbound from Ohio to the Pacific Ocean. 
4,020 miles in 45.5 flight hours. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and everything in between :)

Slideshow: 50th Fly About


A return to where it all started, at a flight school in Minden, Nevada in 1966, to celebrate Mark's 50 incident-free years of commercial and sport flying.

He's accumulated 18,000 hours in the air, in 67 different aircraft: sailplanes, single-engine, multi-engine, jets. You'll see some historic photos in the slideshow, Mark as a 'junior birdman', several of the aircraft he has flown professionally, aerial photos of our beautiful country, and of course family and friends!

Logo by, and with Thanks to: Mahoney Creative

Our journey followed some of the ground covered by Lewis & Clark. You'll see a couple of maps in the slideshow just to get oriented.

We flew due west from Ohio to Nevada. Then Northwest to Oregon and Washington. Returned through Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Indiana back to Ohio.


A family and friends reunion was held at South Lake Tahoe, California, with a house party followed a couple days later with a catered dinner at a favorite location, Walley's Hot Springs Resort in Genoa, NV.

Lovely family, special friends, dearest colleagues, including former co-pilots of Mark's who traveled from as near as Carson City NV, as far as Houston TX and Bejing China. You'll see them/us all pictured! (Yes, we hired a professional :)

We then flew to the Pacific Northwest, to see long-time aerial photo and aviation colleagues and friends, celebrated the Cleveland Cavaliers championship win on Orcas Island (northwest of Seattle), then begain our return journey east.

Genoa Nevada
Above: Joshua, Martin, Yvonne, Mark, Jenny, Matt, Brooke, Gavin
Below: Friends and Family at Walley's Resort on the 50th Anniversary 6/6/2016!
Group photos by: Belinda Grant Photography, Gardnerville, NV
The trip actually included two aerial photo jobs for a long-time client. We stayed in lodgings, most found on-line, that ranged from hotels to apartments to a tiny cabin at a horse ranch in MT.

To wrap up...

Our country is vast and full of dramatic scenery. We are fortunate to be able to see it from our winged chariot, and are happy to be able share the spectacular views we had the good fortune to see.

Please enjoy the scenery from the comfort of home! (a grand adventure to be sure, but our airplane is a bit like a pick up truck with wings, way cool, yet lacking in some creature comforts :)

With love and appreciation to all who made this journey possible, memorable, and cherished,

Yvonne & Mark
Sept. 2016
Walley Hot Springs
Final leg of journey

Cockpit our Cessna 172,
final leg of the journey, MN to OH.

Genoa Bar
Nevada's Oldest Thirst Parlor
(no horses allowed)

Family and Friends, 
house at Lake Tahoe.
Tee shirt group photo
Nevada Oldest Saloon
Mark, Director Aviation Services, General Signal Corp., White Plains, NY. 1986.
Challenger 601 arrives, Mark flying left seat, Cuyahoga County Airport, Richmond Hts., OH. 1992.
Mark, Aviation Dept. Mgr., Progressive Corp., Challenger 604 cockpit, Aspen, CO. 2000.
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