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Capture what's special about your home or your listing in one easy to view picture
Make features visible that may be hidden from the road before a site visit
Record a historic moment in time to compare to future aerial pictures or as a keepsake

From small city lots to many country acres, an aerial perspective can showcase what is unique about a property and orient viewers in one time-saving image.

The seasons may be important for you to consider.

If your site is heavily wooded, early spring or late autumn may be the best time of year to allow a clear view of features.

If the main building/s face north, a cloudy day may be best to minimize shadows.

If greenery, garden, pool or tennis court are key, summer will likely be the best time to choose.

Large suburban home

What about remote controlled aerial drones? This new technology is raising interest and questions. To help sort the issue, please visit our Aerial Drone question and answer page for more information.

High angle 'oblique' to show both front and back of home with pool and around trees in summer.

Suburban large home aerial
Horse farm aerial
Suburban development home aerial

North facing home on partly cloudy day to minimize shadows

Horse farm, pastures, barn, and home as anniversary gift

Suburban development home

"He loved it! Thank you." -- R.S.

"Nice job. No, great job!"  -- W.F.

"My house didn't show as well as I thought it would." -- K.L.

Ohio farm waterfront

To be realistic about goals and expectations for residential real estate is key to success. These sites are often the most challenging to capture from above.

By nature of an aerial view, buildings and features look 'smaller' and this is often disappointing. Trees that are beautiful from the ground or looking out a living room window can obscure the view of that side of a house.

Airplanes have a minimum altitude to abide by, for everyone's safety, and this can translate into a steeper angle looking down on the roof than may be desired.

With our super zoom lens (300 mm) and years of experience we are often able to minimize this effect by flying further away and even cropping in tight on the house post flight. Yet our cameras are still unable to see through trees and leaves :)

Just being as direct as we possibly can. You'll see the only negative client comment on this residential real estate page, for real, as these sites are the only ones to have drawn a few criticisms in all our years of flying and photographing.

As indicated on our Company, Rate Sheet, page - if you're not happy there'd be no charge and we'll part friends, we'd just rather not waste your time and risk disappointment. So we will be very frank once we take a look at your site location as to what we feel realistically can be accomplished.

We welcome all your questions and concerns.

If you'd like to email us with a quick outline, please use our handy Site Locator.

And if we are unable to meet your goals, we'll gladly refer you to a helicopter company or other photographer who may be better able to capture your house from the ground or a vehicle.

Before 'walking the property', show its depth and breadth in one easy to view image.

Suburban home autumn
Large lakeside home

Home in late autumn to capture fall color

Tudor lakeside home in summer peak green

Cabin wooded lot waterside
Cabin lakeside winter

Lakeside cabin property in summer and winter

P.s., the client and customer quotes are for real, we're glad to provide references.

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