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Small area 'Wing-Over'


Orient your clients and pre-plan your site layouts
Show progress on all sides of a job in one picture
Include in your real estate tear sheets

'Wing-over' vertical aerial is one image taken as Mark steeply banks the airplane to allow Yvonne to aim her camera straight down and capture a relatively small site area.

When satellite or other on-line imagery can be dated and often low in resolution, a current vertical aerial photograph taken with our high resolution digital cameras and image stabilized lenses make a much better first impression and at less cost than that of an aerial 'mapping' company.
Often used with aerial photo 'packages' for commercial real estate. these 'wing over' vertical aerial views communicate site features with immediacy.

If your site is very large, you may prefer a 'mapping' or 'composite' image.  These are comprised of several aerial images combined into what is commonly called a 'Mosaic' vertical aerial.

Aerial photo vertical Ohio

"Thank you for all your hard work getting these images for us." -- W.S. commercial real estate development company

Industrial roof vertical aerial

The area included to the left is approximately six times larger than the area above (as a rough guide, look at the size of the cars).

"Once again, great job!
Thanks for getting these done.  
LOVE the Site Locator too!"

-- M.Y. commercial real estate brokerage

P.s., the client and customer quotes are for real, we're glad to provide references.

"Fantastic, you do such a nice job..... we appreciate your efforts and quality, thanks again to you and your husband."
-- M.D., contractor

"Once again we are Very impressed with the photos. He (boss) is thrilled." -- L.S. construction client

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